Ing: Warm fried cube cut chicken, roasted cashew nut, cucumber, onion, coriander and spicy sauce.

Ing: Grilled Boneless chicken, carrot, cucumber, onion, coriander and spicy.

Thai Shrimp Salad

Tk. 520.00

Ing: Sharimp, onion, lemon grass, ginger, red chili flakes and roasted ground rice.

Ing: Poached shrimps, fresh vegetable, fresh fruits mixed with honey mustard orange sauce.

Seafood Salad

Tk. 620.00

Ing: Fresh vegetable, crab, squid, prawn, dory fish.

Ing: Roasted chicken, fresh vegetable, parmesan chesse, special Caesar sauce.

Fresh Garden Salad

Tk. 320.00

Ing: Fresh vegetable Julian cut.

Coleslaw Salad

Tk. 320.00

Ing: Cabbage, Carrot, Mayonnaise with pepper.

Salmam Salad

Tk. 620.00

Ing: Slice Salmam Fish, Fresh vegetable, special Fish sauce

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