Ing: Sliced chicken, prawn & mushroom cooked with low milk, thai herbs & spicy sauce.

Steamboat soup

Tk. 600.00

Ing: Boneless sliced chicken, prawn, sea fish and egg boiled with vermeil noodles & seasonal vegetable.

Ing: Seasonal vegetable cooked with sliced chicken, prawn, mushroom & baby corn.

Ing: Cooked chicken steamed with onion & ginger flavored sauce.

Ing: Sliced chicken & prawn cooked with mushroom, fried onion and chili tomato purce.

Ing: Sliced chicken, prawn & mushroom & ginger chili tomato purce

Szechuan Soup

Tk. 520.00

Ing: Minced chicken, prawn and mushroom cooked with baby corn and chili tomato sauce.

Ing: Blended sauteed mushroom, cube-cut boiled chicken with fresh cream.

Ing: Sliced chicken prepared with seasonal mixed vegetable.

Hot & Sour Soup

Tk. 430.00

Ing: Minced chicken and egg cooked with hot & sour tomato sauce.

Chicken Corn Soup

Tk. 350.00

Ing: Mild taste soup coked with minced chicken, sweet corn & egg.

Special corn soup

Tk. 390.00

Ing: Minced chicken, egg, sweet corn and mushroom mixed with butter & cashew nut.

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