Ing: Rice prepared with sliced chicken, prawn egg, vegetable, butter oil & sauce.

American Fried Rice

Tk. 600.00

Ing: Special rice & cashew nut cooked with butter, sliced chicken and spicy sauce.

Ing: Spiceal mixed rice cooked with seasonal vegetable & butter oil.

Chicken Fried Rice

Tk. 450.00

Ing: Special rice cooked with sliced chicken, egg, vegetable & spring onion.

Special Fried Rice

Tk. 550.00

Ing: Special fried rice with butter, sliced chicken prawn, vegetable, egg & chef’s authentic sauce.

Steamed Rice

Tk. 250.00

Ing: Selected rice prepared in steam process.

Egg Fried Rice

Tk. 450.00

Egg Fried Rice

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